big gold fish pendant

25 $

designed by: benny bronstein
large aluminum fish pendant necklace handmade in meticulous quality. Strung on a coated stainless steel  cable colored in red, 70 mm in length , In a variety of colors to choose from: Blue, red, purple, gold and silver


The fish symbolizes in many cultures, from ancient times, abundance, fertility, love, and good luck. In Jewish culture, the fish represents abundance, fertility, protection against the evil eye, livelihood and Pregnancy


To the fish head is connected a handmade gold-plated brass mechanism that allows free movement on the cable. The cable ends are connected to two handmade gold-plated brass mechanisms that enabling to shorten and lengthen the length of the cable around the neck



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The fish is made of aluminum in a technique of  tapping on the  material with a hammer on an anvil to shape the form. After achieving the desired shape (each fish individually) the material is passing through an electrochemical process called anodizing, which built a thin and hard layer on the material’s surface. This layer contains the color.  Each fish is handmade embedded in a unique pattern using a puncher and hammer. To the fish connects a gold-plated brass part made in a nailing technique (like a head of a fish) that creates free movement on the cable



Red color coated stainless steel cable 1 mm, length 80 cm

1 pcs of fish made of anodized aluminum 7cm length

colors to choose from: Blue, red, purple, gold and silver

Fish head and necklace mechanism made of gold plated brass


Note: This is 100% handmade so each necklace may be slightly different. Colors, and sizes of fish may vary. Also, shades of the fish may show slightly different on your computer monitor


* We gladly accept special design requests according to our fish variety


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